​Where do you find the clothes?​

I go to tons of vintage stores in and around Toronto and Muskoka, and every time I'm away (ANYWHERE!) I go straight to the coolest vintage store I can find. A lot of my most recent pieces are from my trips to LA, NYC, London, and Vegas. 

​Would you buy a vintage piece I have for the site that I think you'd love?​

Definitely! Send me an email contact@obscenevintage.com or DM me on Instagram @DavidRobert or @ObsceneVintage!

Payment & Shipping

As soon as payment has been received in full I process and ship the items out within 1 business day. Shipping costs depend on your geographic location (Canada, US or International) and what speed level you're interested in (Standard, Express or Priority Express).


How do I get in contact with you?

You can always send me an email at contact@obscenevintage.com or DM me on Instagram at @David​Robert or @ObsceneVintage!

Returns & Refunds

I don't accept returns or provide refunds unless the specific situation calls for it. For example, if the piece came to you damaged in some way I would, of course, provide a return and refund. 

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