"I love vintage clothing, like, a f*cking lot

Growing up I used to skip school and take the train downtown to Toronto and go to these cool vintage stores and spend all my hard-earned (mom and dad's) money on as many cool vintage T-shirts, jeans, or (my lifelong fave thing to collect) leather jackets as I could find/afford.


Still to this day, I'd rather go rummage through a dingy vintage store then walk into a fancy department store - because there's nothing like the thrill of finding something that you know almost no one else has, and it's just cool that its vintage. 


I started this site as a passion project - because I really love vintage clothing (vintage anything, really, you should see my amazing collection of vintage Playboys from the 70's - ICONIC!), and if life doesn't have passion then you're already f*cking dead. 


Happy hunting, kids!"


xo David Robert

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