Best Vintage Fashion I Wore On MTV's 1 Girl 5 Gays

Between 2009-2013 I spent 3 years, 5 seasons and almost 100 episodes talking love, marriage, and bl*wjobs on MTV's 1 Girl 5 Gays, and boy did I make some fashion... choices.

Schoolboy Blazer, OUT Magazine! Photoshoot

I remember when we found out we were doing a photoshoot for OUT Magazine (3 days before) I knew what I wanted to wear - COLOUR! I marched my way down to one of my fave Vintage Stores in Toronto and found this AMAZING school jacket from a private school in Vancouver, BC. Purple? YES! Gold accents? YES!!!

1980's Bowtie, Season 2 Episode 4

Dude... who doesn't love a bowtie with jeans? Best part? I found it at some Grandpa's yard sale and he said he bought it "sometime in the 80s". Love a Grandpa Style icon!

Women's See-through lace shirt, eTalk Interview

I'd like to say that the reason I wore this cool, see-through (womens) "dress shirt" to this event was that I thought it was dope, but realistically I wore it because it was SO HOT OUT THAT DAY.

Old Leather Jacket, Season 3 Episode 10

Ahhh leather jackets... can you own too many? THE ANSWER IS NO! I picked this baby up at a vintage store in Chicago and used shoe polish on it to make it look "Vintage new". One of my faves.

My dad's wool sweater from the 90s, V-RAG Magazine

What is the greatest kind of vintage fashion you ask? Clothes taken from your parents when they were young. Bonus points if it has reindeers on it.

Old Jean Jacket, Season 4 Episode 4

There is NOTHING ON EARTH I like more than collecting jackets - like this one I found at the Melrose Street Fair in LA.

80's Superman T-Shirt, 1 Girl 5 Gays: Live! The Tour

The 19080s. Superman. 1980s SUPERMAN! Enough said.

More memories/fashion "choices" to come!

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